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Please join our award-winning team of professionals, as we discuss ways to center Black and Brown voices while we move forward as a community, society, and country. We will focus on the barriers faced by Black/Brown professionals in the current challenging environment, with ​a greater emphasis on SELF-CARE, FOCUS, EXCELLENCE, and being CHANGE AGENTS for our community and the greater society.


Event Date: Friday, AUGUST 28th, 2020 Time: 3:00PM-4:30PM

Ashley McGirt, MSW

McGirt Counseling Services

Ashley McGirt is an author, speaker, and licensed mental health therapist. McGirt owns and operates  A.M.C.S. LLC. McGirt, which helps individuals navigate through oppressive systems, and eliminate anxiety and depression. McGirt received a Masters of Social Work from the University of Washington. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and is actively pursuing a Doctoral degree. To find me about McGirt and her work, please follow this link

Debra R. Baker, MA

Debra Speaks

Debra has a successful history of serving and leading in in various roles of organizations. She is considered by her peers and students to be a servant and sage with a deep interest in human development and organizational health. She has a Masters of Theology and Business Education  from Columbia University. Her engaging conversation on race and being Black in America is said to be compelling. "Debra is one of the most authentic, vitally intelligent, and compassionate leaders in the land." Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, author of Tears We Cannot Stop and What Truth Sounds Like. Learn more about Debra here

Dr. Brent Jones

King County

A graduate of both the University of Washington and the University of Texas, Dr. Jones is often referred to as a trusted advisor, coach, mentor, and is known to be a champion for collaboration, empowerment, equity and social justice. Dr. Jones brings to the discussion extensive executive leadership, knowledge and

expertise in organizational development, community engagement and development, managing change and human resources. Learn more about Dr. Jones here

Dr. Gloria Ngezaho


Founder and Chief Executive Officer at the Center for Restorative Justice Practices, Dr. Ngezaho is a graduate of Portland State University, Concordia University, and Harvard University. He focused his studies on conflict resolution and leadership of the future within an ever-changing world. He has been both an Equity and Social Justice advocate/practitioner and change agent. He's led several organizations both governmental and nonprofits toward meaningful and inclusive change. Learn more about Dr. Ngezaho's work here

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